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Seidi and I went to Gunnison for Thanksgiving. While we were there, we had our first ultrasound.

Here is a profile:


Legs crossed, Seidi's Favorite:

And in case you are wondering . . . (Seidi is really mad about me posting this):

"Missing picture" showing the little boy part. After seeing Bleazard's objectionable blog, I decided to edit ours.

Needless to say, Seidi is relieved. She really wanted a boy. Everyone in her immediate family has had a boy first. We are especially excited for "?" to grow up with Will (my newest nephew, as of two days ago) and Hiro (Seidi's newest nephew, as of a couple of weeks). Congratulations again JJ and Brit. We are so happy for you.

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Huh? What? Uh-oh!

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What do you think about Prop 8? Leave a comment.

Here are some pics of the march against Prop 8 in SLC. Do you think we could organize a march for Prop 8?

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The Ultimate Accessory

Halloween has turned into a monster. I (Danny) have dressed up more in the past two years than the previous 10 . . . twice. I do have to say that last year I stole the show from Seidi, but that was all her doing. I dressed up like Harry Potter, and she was Cho. This year Seidi got our idea from her friend Logan C.; she wanted to be Cleopatra. Naturally, I was assigned to be Caesar (or Marc Antony, which was too hard), her ultimate accessory/prop. Halloween means so much to her because of annual cousins party at Auntie Annie’s house. It is always exciting to see the costumes: a pregnant Jen with her Butch, Seaweed and Penny (Hairspray), “Under the Sea,” Gummie Lifesavers, Legos, etc.

When I came home from school on Halloween, Seidi was in tears about my costume. I have hardly seen her so discouraged, but have no fear I came through. I even made my own garland halo thingy. If it didn’t make Seidi so happy, I would never do it. But I love how excited she gets when it comes together.

Halloween 2007

Halloween 2008

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Two Posts in One Night!!

Now this won't be a common occurrence so enjoy it while you can. I just wanted to quickly announce the birth of a new nephew and a new niece. Yay for babies!! My brother Jared and his wife Karen just had their third child and his name is Hiro Chia Inouye. My other brother Jordan and his wife Natsume recently had their second child and her name is Aisa Inagaki Inouye. Her name is pronounced "eye-sah". Please note where the "I" is and do not call her Asia (the continent).


Danny makes funny faces at babies.

My buddy Ethan. He's six years old! He's getting so big.

Cute little Miya. I don't know where she came up with this face. That's probably why she get's along with Danny so well.


This is Yuki. He's two and is the cutest little boy. That is his skateboard and he can ride it.

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So a couple weeks ago, my mom gave me two boxes of apples from our neighbors tree in Gunnison. These were some of the tastiest apples we've had all year. They were green/yellow, which I'm not the biggest fan of, but they were so crunchy and had the best apple flavor! Yummy. Anyway, she gave us those two boxes so I could learn how to make applesauce from Jolene, my mother-in-law. So, one Saturday afternoon, Danny and I headed up to his parents house to do some good 'ol homemaking. It's really quite simple to make applesauce if you have the stuff. All we did was cut up the apples, cored them, cooked them till they were soft, and then put them through Jolene's Victoria Strainer. I totally need one of those. It's the same thing we use to make ketchup and it's AMAZING. It separates a smooth pulp from all the peels and the cores. It makes everything so easy! Danny says I can't get one until we have a house to put it in. We already have way too much stuff. Anyway, after we accumulated our sauce, we put it back on the stove. The blasted stove was on too high and we started having applesauce volcanic explosions, hence, the picture of the applesauce remains on Jolene's ceiling. The apples were so sweet that we didn't have to add any sugar at all, but we added less than a 1/2 cup of sugar just for preserving sake. Anyway, it was pretty fun and we ended up with about 20 bottles of applesauce. Just another addition to our food storage, which Danny is completely obsessed about by the way. I guess it's a good thing.

Jolene and I with our apples. :)

This is the Victoria Strainer after being taken apart. It's missing the big funnel that you put the apples in and then push them through while you crank that handle on the left. The orange/metal thing sitting in the tupperware of peels is the strainer itself. We forgot to take a picture while Danny was cranking the thing. Sorry.

Jolene with the sauce. Can you believe two boxes of apples only makes that much applesauce? Don't worry though, most of our apples were wormy. We didn't waste a single one.

Volcanic Applesauce Explosions

Some of the bottles after being filled and waiting to be sealed.

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We got a camera!!!!

So we broke down and finally accepted that our camera is gone forever. Apparently, Danny loses them quite often. Oh well. The good new is, is that we went and bought a new one. We've kind of been picture happy because we've gone so long without one. Enjoy!

On Friday, after Danny finished his big test, we went and had our own fun little outing. Because of Danny's last minute studying and my crazy schedule, we saw each other about 2 hours total last week. We really needed some good quality time together so we could actually remember who we were supposed to be married to. We went and bought our camera and then Danny had planned a little date for us. We packed up our camping stove, water, mugs, and hot chocolate, went to the grocery store to pick up a couple doughnuts and propane (we hadn't used our stove yet, sorry JJ and Britany), and then we headed up Millcreek Canyon. So beautiful by the way, and I had no idea that it was so close. Danny wants me to write that I MADE him take a bunch of stupid pictures. He enjoyed it and he knows it. Anyway, here's what we did:

Here is Danny putting the one part together on our stove. Yay for him!

This is my favorite picture so far. Danny almost fell into the river trying to get there before the camera took the picture. Pretty funny.

Us with our hot chocolate and doughnuts. Yum yum eat 'em up.

Take 1: we obviously didn't know how many beeps to count.

Take 2: No head.

Take 3: Look at Danny's face. :)

Take 4: Finally, perfection.

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I am a bad blogger.

Okay, okay, I know I'm not good at updating this thing. I guess I could say I have a few excuses of why I haven't but the main one being, we've lost our camera. So sad. We are definitely in the process of getting a new one, but until then, our blog will be pictureless (I know, that's not really a word). So you are definitely welcome to read the following post, but I will warn you, it's long and is full of the details that I want to remember. So read away if you would like, but I won't feel bad if you don't!

Lots of things have happened the past couple months. Some of the highlights that I can remember from the past month are: Elimidate, Dashboard concert, and the Deer Hunt. We will begin with Elimidate. Two weeks ago, we drove down to Provo to help with our cousins first attempt at "Elimidate." So hilarious!!!! Our good friend Stephanie Messick was such a good sport and was our guinea pig "elimidater". Aimee and Davey (cousins) found 4 very willing guys to participate. It was such great group of boys because they were all so different from each other and all stinkn' hilarious. We started out by going to Wendy's for dinner. Me, Danny, Sarah (my sister), Stephen (cousin), Aimee and Davey, and Spencer (friend) all just tagged along with Steve's video camera and recorded the whole thing. It was quite interesting to see 4 guys all trying to impress and take out the same girl at the same time. I'm sure the people around us thought it was just as funny to see a group of Asians and a couple white guys follow them around with a video camera and giggling the whole time. Good times. After dinner, Stephanie had to elimidate one guy. Of course, before each elimination, we spoke with each candidate and had them explain why they should stay in and who they thought should be eliminated. Pretty funny stuff. After the elimination, we went to our sporting activity...Around The World Ping Pong. Not the most athletic game but we were on a time constraint as well as it being so cold outside. After ping pong, another poor guy was elimidated and then we went on to dessert at Smart Cookie. They two boys that were left and Stephanie shared a hot chocolate and sat on the Lovesac all together. Romantic, right? There, they discussed their ideal first date and then the last one was emlimidated. Oddly enough, the boy that Stephanie picked, we all could see them actually getting together and having it maybe work. So funny! Tracy (another cousin and a very talented film person) is going to take all the footage and put it together. I'll have to post some of our video on our blog so you can all see how funny this really was. I have definitely not done it justice. It was definitely a success and we plan to do many more. We are really looking forward to a "Cousin's Elimidate" where we will have some of our boy cousins down in Provo do it together. We shall see.

Last Thursday, we ended up going last minute to a concert at the E Center with one of my best friends from high-school and her husband, Sara and Logan. Sara was able to get the tickets for 75 cents!!! Crazy, I know. The bands that played were: The Cab(a band from Vegas that was not very good), Plain White Tees, Dashboard Confessionals, and Panic at the Disco. Plain White Tees and Dashboard were awesome and super fun to listen to. I was pleasantly surprised at how many songs I did know from both bands and if any of you really know me, you know that I don't know bands and "music from our day." :) Anyway, we left only after a few songs of Panic at the Disco. They didn't do much for any of us. Super fun though, especially cause we were able to get together with Sara and Logan. They're crazy. During the concert though, Danny kept running out in between bands to watch the sad and pathetic BYU game. So sad. Oh well. After the concert, we drove down to Gunnison to visit my parents before we drove down to St. George the next day.

After spending the night and Friday morning with my parents, Danny and I drove down to St. George for the deer hunt. We stayed somewhere close to Pine Valley (I'm not sure whether it was Pine Valley or not). Danny's dad, Wayne and his family, and JJ all came down. I guess they've been doing this for years. We met up with Noall's cousin Tom Packer and his kids at the campground as well. Tom Packer is apparently the ultimate Santa Claus as well as an amazing cook! Saturday night, he cooked us all plum barbequed ribs and the most amazing dutch-oven potatoes. So good!!! We camped at this old ranch and Danny and I shared a tent with JJ and Noall. Wayne decided that he would sleep outside which was totally a crazy idea! He froze the first night. It was pretty cold but thanks to my dad's good camping gear, Danny and I were toasty warm. I love camping! I was sadly not lucky enough to get to go with all of the boys and really actually participate in the deer hunt. Saturday morning, I got up and had to drive to Bloomington and practice piano at the church all day. Pathetic, I know. Danny and the boys had fun though. Wayne was the only one among them that had a deer tag. He came really close to getting one, but didn't. Kind of stinky, but also a relief. Who really wants to clean a deer? We slept over at the campground again Saturday night and then Danny and I woke up to drive to St. George again and get ready for church. It's always a lot of fun to visit his old ward and for him to see all of his childhood ward family. No one can believe that he's married. He's still just a little boy to them. It's fun though, especially because everyone tells me that I am so lucky to have married such a great guy. Everybody loves him down there. Good times, good times.

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Murakami Reunion 7.4.08

The Murakami Reunion is a reunion with all of my family from my Grandma Bessie's side. The Inouye's were in charge of the reunion this year, which basically means Auntie Annie did everything. We had a lot of fun meeting up at Deer Creek Reservoir up by Heber. Only some of the California Murakami's were able to make it out, but we were still so happy to see them. No one is ever going to forget Chi and Linda's teriyaki spam musubi! So good!!! This is my family down below. The only person we are missing is Fatty and he comes home in March!!!! Our family is getting pretty big.

My Fam
Yuki, Jordon, Nats, Aiyumi, Lambert, Mom, Dad, Danny, Karen, Jared, Miya
Trent, Sarah, Land, Mika, Wei Ming, Seidi, Mei, Ethan (hidden behind her), Sam

Some of the Murakami's

Uncle Charles' Family
Auntie Rei, Mie, Leif, Uncle Charles

Uncle Warren's Family
Peter, the Bean, Uncle Warren, Melissa, Joseph, the Sprout, Ben, Beth, Abe, and Tracy

Officially the Cutest Picture of Wei and my Dad!!!

Mika with her little doll-face Wei Wei. I sound like my mom. Weirdy.

Danny with one of his favorite little nieces, Mimi. She loves him too. He's had to earn that love though. Ever since she was a baby, he's been following her around giving her whatever she wants. We are kind of worried to have a little girl because Danny will spoil her too much just like Mimi. Mimi was actually born a few months after we started dating so Danny's been around for her whole life. That's pretty crazy. She's so big now! Time sure does fly.

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Summer '08

Aimee and Davey's Wedding

Aimee is one of the little girl cousins. She married Davey Alleman on July 3, 2008. She looked so beautiful and happy. We are all so happy for them. I actually did her hair for the wedding. It looked pretty good if I do say so myself. Davey's from South Jordan and is freakn' hilarious. We love you guys!!!!!

That's me during our dance party after the reception. It was pretty sweet! Take note, that is a full on action shot. Danny was too embarrassed to dance with me. Sad, huh?

Right: Best buds! My other nephews Ethan and Land.

Left: My sister-in-law Natsume and my cute nephew Yuki having a treat. He's so cute!!!

All of the girls at the wedding. Auntie Annie got us all the same skirt from the Loft. So cute and so Auntie Annie.

Me and Wei Wei!!!

Wei Wei, Miya, and Kimmy staring at Aimee's wedding cake. They found somebody's fingerprint in it and couldn't tear their eye's away after that. They were so cute!!!

Brian's Farewell

Brian Lew is my cousin on my mom's side. He left on his mission like a month ago to Brazil. He is an amazing kid and we are all going to miss him. Good luck Bri!!!!

Left: These are the girls on the couch. Aimee is demonstrating the "no eye-brow" look. She's pretty funny. From left to right it goes: Aims, Jessie, Jen, Sarah, Me, and Beth.
Right: This is supposed to be a picture of Danny and Steve trying to be two tough boys but neither of them really pulled that off. They're still cute though.

Pool Party!!!

Me and Sui Ying at the pool. I don't know why people think we look the same and get us confused. We clearly are not the same person.

So we had a fun little pool party at our condo at the beginning of the summer. Mimi and Ethan are pretty much the cutest kids ever! They are getting so big so fast. That's my dad and Sammy on the left and Jared and Karen in the middle. Karen is having another little boy in October. Yay for babies!!!