9:11 PM

Almost 11 Months

My little guy will be 11 months in just 4 days, which means he'll be a one year old in a month. Why do they have to grow up!!!??? I love my little man. He's grown up so much in this past month. Here are some of the changes:

-FINALLY got his first tooth!!!
-started walking
-got his second tooth
-hung out with cousins and kind of started to play with them
-said Mama and meant to call me (he's already said Dada when he was 9 months old-didn't know what it meant though!!!)
-got freaked out by Totoro (Takasaki's dog) and hasn't recovered
-became super obsessed with animals even though he's terrified of them
-loves to empty the silverware in the dishwasher
-loves to empty out my towel drawer and my little cooking tools drawer
-LOVES to eat paper
-learned how to clap
-learned how to climb stairs
-skinned up Oh-Ya and up to the cornice
-skied for the second time with his Uncle Sambo
-and continues to scream and yelp when he wants anything, especially to get everyone's attention

9:59 PM

Charlie's Weigh-In

So we went down to Gunnison for the weekend to my BFF's baby blessing. Little Jack is a cutie! While we were there, we went to the office to see if Charlie has grown any. His last check-up was at 6 months and he's now 10 months as of last Thursday. Here are the statistics:

6 Month Check-up: Length-25 inches Weight-16 lbs.
10 Month Check-up: Length-27 inches Weight-17 lbs. 12 oz.

As you can see, he's SMALL. Really small. Like less than 3rd percentile small. Almost off the charts small. Get the picture?? I love him all the same though. I just hope he doesn't develop a complex.

My two BFF's from the G-town. Sara, Jack, McKell, me, Charlie

10:01 PM

Ethan's Baptism, Visiting John, Charlie's First Ski

January 2010

So I skipped Christmas and New Year's because for some weird reason, I can't find our pictures!! So sad! They're not on my computer so I don't know where they are.

Ethan's Baptism-January 2, 2010
Ethan is the oldest grandchild on my side of the family. He gets a lot of pressure for it too. He has to be the example and is told that like at EVERY family gathering. Poor kid. I can't believe he is 8 years old. Time flies by so fast! Before I know it, Charlie will be getting baptized. Ethan is a great kid though. He's super talented, smart, and has a very tender heart. I love him and am so proud of him!

The Crew

Visiting John-January 3, 2010
We had the opportunity to go and visit our friend John Jones' resting place at the Nutty Putty Caves. We've been meaning to do it, but it's been hard getting out there. We went out as a little family with Danny and John's other buddy, Jake Jennings. The drive was longer than expected and it got a little crazy on the dirt roads, but in the end, we made it just fine and we were super happy we made the effort to go out. The whole time out there we kept saying, "In the spirit of John, let's go on an adventure!" We all miss John a lot, especially Danny, but we are very grateful for our memories of him. Even though this was an unexpected resting place for him, I think he is super happy with the view. It is truly beautiful out there.

Danny and Jake

Charlie's First Ski-January 5, 2010

A few days after visiting John, we decided to take Jake up to the cabin with Sam and Isaac. If you don't know, Jake is an intense skier and fully appreciates any kind of good powder. Those kind of people are always welcome at our cabin. Anyway, at the cabin, you can either ski/board down the road and have a snowmobile pick you up at the bottom or you can skin up hills(or whole mountains if you're my brothers) and then ski down. After the boys all went on an intense morning run, Sam came back and offered to take me and Charlie up "Oh Ya"(a run next to the cabin). Sam carried Charlie and I just skinned up after him. Some would say we were completely crazy but I think it was justifiably safe. :) Sam's a great skier and I completely trust him. Danny spent the whole time thinking about what he was going to say to Child Protective Services. Total worry wart in my opinion. So, we skinned up and skied down. It was super fun and I think Charlie enjoyed it.

Sam and Charlie skinning up.

Look how happy Charlie is!!

Our supporter and supervisor, Uncle Ziggy.

The First Ski!!!!

Completely Safe and Happy

9:45 PM

Pre-Christmas with the Bennett's

December 2009

We spent the week before Christmas with Danny's family. We went to Hardware Ranch, ate lots of food, and had Christmas a day early. Woo woo!!

Grandpa Noall opening his sa-weet snowshoes. I don't know how cool he actually thought they were. Oh well.

Charlie opening one of his first presents.

Me, Charlie, and Grandpa at Hardware Ranch on our sleigh ride.

One of the largest elk in the herd. Check out his rack!

All boarding up

9:11 PM

Gunnison-Family Practice Rotation

November-December 2009

We were lucky enough to be able to spend almost 4 weeks living with my parents in Gunnison while Danny did an away rotation with my dad. My brother, Sambo Bambo, happened to be doing his at the exact same time so that made it extra fun to be home. Overall, Charlie got super spoiled, I cooked a lot for Christmas with my mom (yes, we start that early), and Danny worked. Not too hard though. It was great to go home and be home for a long period of time. Sadly, I haven't spent that much continuous time at home since I graduated from high-school. I didn't realize then that once I moved out, I was really leaving. So sad! I love Gunnison and I love my parents. They are amazing!
Here are a few pictures from our stay.

The Doctor and the Future Doctors (Charlie included-don't worry, I'm not going to be some crazy pushy mom that say he has to be a doctor)
I bought these baby scrubs at Babinski's up here in Salt Lake. Amazing!! This picture made them totally worth it even though he only wore them this one time.

Charlie and his Gramps

Charlie and his Uncle Sambo Bambo

Charlie and Poh Poh