4:56 PM

Traffic school

So here I am, sitting in the Salt Lake City Justice Court waiting for traffic school to begin. Lamo. Yes, I got a speeding ticket. I like to drive fast. I'm from Gunnison for heaven's sakes! Anyway, I'm pretty proud of the fact that before I met danny I had never gotten a speeding ticket in my life. That's probably because of the fact that i knew all the cops in Gunnison and when they did pull me over, they would just give me a warning or just roll there eyes at me once they saw that it was me. Man, I wish I was in Gunnison again.

For the purpose of journaling, I never wrote down this story of my first pull-over experience so I'm going to do that now. Since I have nothing better to do. I guess i could listen. :)

I think I was just 16. Gunnison main has the speed limit of 45 and then drops down to 30 at one point. I was with one of my BFF's, or partners in crime as my dad would call her, in my silver Volkswagen rabbit. That was an awesome car. We were singing our hearts out and were completely oblivious to the fact that the speed limit had changed. Suddenly, we realized where we were and immediately slowed down, but alas, I was too late. I suddenly saw the blue and red lights flashing and panic set in. The first thought i had was, "oh, my dad is going to KILL me." luckily, the cop that pulled us over was Rud, a friend and a really nice cop. He walked up to the car and I frantically told him that I was sorry and that me and Sara were just singing and totally forgot about slowing down. He literally rolled his eyes, chuckled to himself, and waved us on our way. Just another reason why you all should move to Gunnison.

I got pulled over one more time in that awesome town and i think it was by the same cop. This time I was with both of my BFF's and we were all sitting in the front seat. Actually, now that i think about it, I can't remember if I was driving or not. Maybe Mckell was driving. Either way, one of us was sitting on the middle console and none of us were wearing our seat-belts. Rud comes over, see's that it's us, and starts shaking his head. He then begins telling us that he pulled us over for drunk driving. We were appalled! of course we weren't drunk! He then starts laughing and says something to the effect of, "now that i see that it's you girls, I know that you aren't drunk but just driving like you normally do." we had our laughs and he didn't even mention that one of us were sitting on the console. As he was walking away, he turned, looked back at us and asked, "do you know that you have a big tumbleweed stuck to the bottom of your car?" turns out, we had a tumbleweed the size of our car stuck to the bottom of us. We had just been ba-hawin' through a big field trying to find something from a scavenger hunt. Rud didn't need to know that.

Oh look, class is almost over. Yay.

7:58 PM

I'm slow.

I know this is common knowledge, but apparently I'm not very techy. So turns out that you can make all of your blog entries into a book quite easily. That makes all of the time spent blogging actually kind of worth it. So, in consequence of learning that bit of information, I am going to actually try and be a more consistent blogger and blog about more of our daily (more likely weekly or monthly, let's be honest) lives. I then plan on printing it out so to have a sort of journal of the year. As you can tell, I really stink at journal keeping too. Poor Charlie. He will have no memories of his first two years. Anyway...because of that new plan, I've decided to privatize my blog. Even though I know that nothing is really safe on the internet, it probably will make me feel better knowing that random people can't just click on this link and read about me and my family. Only the crazy, computer genius, and scary people will be able to break in and read about my life. That's much more comforting, don't you think? So yeah, if you want to be able to read about us, leave me your email address. If not, I won't be offended. :) We're not all that interesting anyway.

Here's a little treat for your eyes. Charlie and cousins Hiro and Ai-Chan...all the same age and just 5/6 months apart. I think they are so cute!!!!