10:49 AM

Want these jeans!!!!

So yeah, I've decided to take the plunge and go skinny...meaning skinny jeans. I'm still physically working on the skinny part for myself. Anyway, I found this link on my friend Jenny's blog where this chicka is having a giveaway. I'll do anything for free stuff! :) Here it is: Two Ellie.

9:38 PM

Summer '09

Summer has been crazy and fun-filled. Here is a list of the past few months events:
  • Seidi and Sarah's Graduate Recital
  • Sarah's Wedding
  • Creative Arts Camp in Gunnison, UT
  • Bear Lake
  • Hangin' Out with the Cousins
  • Visit from Kilee and Easton
  • Danny starting lame Rotations
  • And much, much more!!
Feel free to browse the overload of pictures!

Just this week, after Danny got off call, we went and hiked up to Mud Lake up Big Cottonwood. We took our favorite picnic food: Spam Musubi. Don't diss it until you've tried it. It is the best!!!
Can you see the resemblance???

Danny PRETENDING to feed Charlie spam musubi. One day little man, one day.

Charlie loves it outside!

Rock climbing up Big Cottonwood with Sam and Aaron, both eligible bachelors. If you know anyone, let me know.

Me and the little man next to a small waterfall near to where we climbed. I actually dropped my phone in the river that day. Still works though!

As the Walker girls would say: Verizon Bars. (Sara, Liz, Emily, Sydney, Abby, and me) They're all going to pass me up one day. Sad.

Charlie being pushed around in a doll stroller by cousin Sara.

Poor Charlie. He's such a little shrimpie and Will is so stinkn' tall!

Rock climbing again with brothers Sam, Aaron, and Danny. I almost repelled with Charlie this time. Probably not the safest thing to do with your kid though. We climbed right at the entrance to Parley's canyon so the freeway was right below us.

Other lunch mates: Jenny, Kilee, and Easton.

Lunch with freshmen floor girlfriends. Michelle, Staci, and little Wesley. Wesley was born just 10 days after Easton and 6 1/2 weeks after Charlie.

Danny started rotations and is officially a 3rd year medical student. He's been on his pediatric rotation for the past 5 weeks and has enjoyed it other than the 30 hour on-call nights. I don't know how he does it. I'm slowly adjusting to the single mom idea.

Charlie and Easton. The tie was actually given to us by Kilee and Soren.

My best friend from college, Kilee, came to visit a couple weeks ago. Her little boy Easton is only 5 weeks younger than Charlie. Crazy that we both have kids!

Charlie with his new best friend that I call Mo Mo.
Jordan and Yuki bowling.

Cute little Wei Wei.

Charlie with cousin Aisa. Aisa is Jordan and Natsume's little girl and is 6 months older than Charlie. She's so smiley and is so sweet! I miss her so much!

Aiyumi loves Charlie and calls him Barley because of my mom. She also loves to play in his car seat. I don't know why. Charlie looks like he is going to squish her though. Bad angle.

Charlie and cousin Will holding hands up at Bear Lake. Will is 4 months older than Charlie.

Charlie having his first bath in a sink at my house in Gunnison. He fit perfectly!

After forgetting an extra outfit and an extremely large poo, Charlie got to wear one of my mom's work t-shirts. He looked like a little homeless kid.

One of the many practice recitals. The little girl is Mika's baby, Aiyumi.

We miss all of you that we haven't seen so far this summer and all those who have already gone home. Love you all and thanks for being a part of our lives!