12:01 PM

Murakami Reunion 7.4.08

The Murakami Reunion is a reunion with all of my family from my Grandma Bessie's side. The Inouye's were in charge of the reunion this year, which basically means Auntie Annie did everything. We had a lot of fun meeting up at Deer Creek Reservoir up by Heber. Only some of the California Murakami's were able to make it out, but we were still so happy to see them. No one is ever going to forget Chi and Linda's teriyaki spam musubi! So good!!! This is my family down below. The only person we are missing is Fatty and he comes home in March!!!! Our family is getting pretty big.

My Fam
Yuki, Jordon, Nats, Aiyumi, Lambert, Mom, Dad, Danny, Karen, Jared, Miya
Trent, Sarah, Land, Mika, Wei Ming, Seidi, Mei, Ethan (hidden behind her), Sam

Some of the Murakami's

Uncle Charles' Family
Auntie Rei, Mie, Leif, Uncle Charles

Uncle Warren's Family
Peter, the Bean, Uncle Warren, Melissa, Joseph, the Sprout, Ben, Beth, Abe, and Tracy

Officially the Cutest Picture of Wei and my Dad!!!

Mika with her little doll-face Wei Wei. I sound like my mom. Weirdy.

Danny with one of his favorite little nieces, Mimi. She loves him too. He's had to earn that love though. Ever since she was a baby, he's been following her around giving her whatever she wants. We are kind of worried to have a little girl because Danny will spoil her too much just like Mimi. Mimi was actually born a few months after we started dating so Danny's been around for her whole life. That's pretty crazy. She's so big now! Time sure does fly.

7:42 PM

Summer '08

Aimee and Davey's Wedding

Aimee is one of the little girl cousins. She married Davey Alleman on July 3, 2008. She looked so beautiful and happy. We are all so happy for them. I actually did her hair for the wedding. It looked pretty good if I do say so myself. Davey's from South Jordan and is freakn' hilarious. We love you guys!!!!!

That's me during our dance party after the reception. It was pretty sweet! Take note, that is a full on action shot. Danny was too embarrassed to dance with me. Sad, huh?

Right: Best buds! My other nephews Ethan and Land.

Left: My sister-in-law Natsume and my cute nephew Yuki having a treat. He's so cute!!!

All of the girls at the wedding. Auntie Annie got us all the same skirt from the Loft. So cute and so Auntie Annie.

Me and Wei Wei!!!

Wei Wei, Miya, and Kimmy staring at Aimee's wedding cake. They found somebody's fingerprint in it and couldn't tear their eye's away after that. They were so cute!!!

Brian's Farewell

Brian Lew is my cousin on my mom's side. He left on his mission like a month ago to Brazil. He is an amazing kid and we are all going to miss him. Good luck Bri!!!!

Left: These are the girls on the couch. Aimee is demonstrating the "no eye-brow" look. She's pretty funny. From left to right it goes: Aims, Jessie, Jen, Sarah, Me, and Beth.
Right: This is supposed to be a picture of Danny and Steve trying to be two tough boys but neither of them really pulled that off. They're still cute though.

Pool Party!!!

Me and Sui Ying at the pool. I don't know why people think we look the same and get us confused. We clearly are not the same person.

So we had a fun little pool party at our condo at the beginning of the summer. Mimi and Ethan are pretty much the cutest kids ever! They are getting so big so fast. That's my dad and Sammy on the left and Jared and Karen in the middle. Karen is having another little boy in October. Yay for babies!!!

5:05 PM

Sarah's Graduation 8.14.08

We went and watched Sarah play today at her commencement. Elder Scott was receiving his Honorary Doctorate and gave a really good talk. It was all about succeeding in life and what we need to do to do so. It was very good advice for all of us new college graduates trying to figure out what to do now and how to stay busy and happy. He is an amazing man. Anyway, Sarah played awesome!! Everybody was thoroughly impressed of course. It was a fun day. Yay for Sarah!!!

11:44 AM

The Bennett's have finally started a blog.

So we finally succumbed to the pressure of starting a blog. Danny and I are both a little nervous but are excited all the same. Hopefully this will keep you all updated in what we are doing now since most of you have moved away. We love you all and miss you guys! Good luck with everything!

11:10 AM

White Coat Ceremony 8.07

This is at Danny's White Coat Ceremony last year at this same time. I can't believe a year has already passed! All the first years got a stethoscope as a gift from the alumni which was really nice, but I was totally bugged because I had just bought him the same exact one for Christmas. I thought I was so cool. Oh well I guess.