2:39 PM

Dr. Daniel Noall Bennett, M.D.

My husband is a doctor. Do I call him one to his face? No way. I told him he isn't really a doctor until he finishes residency. I'm mean like that. But seriously, I am so proud of Danny and recognize how much time, effort, and just plain ol' hard work he has put into this degree. It is such an accomplishment and definitely the hardest thing he's ever done.

Saturday was Danny's graduation. He spoke at his commencement because he was one of the co-presidents for his class. He did a great job. He spoke on the Hippocratic Oath and how they should all remember why they went into medicine. It's easy to become a little disillusioned and a little self-conceited during medical school. I can't tell you how many people have become so obsessed with becoming the "best" student/doctor and the highest paid one at that. I think for most students, they went into medicine because of the doctors they knew...they were respectable men/women in their communities who served those around them. Danny just encouraged his class to remember those people and to remember the type of person they were striving to be before medical school...that and a bunch of other stuff. :) He really did a great job and we were all so proud of him.

We both can't believe that he's done, that we're moving our family to Michigan, and that we're going to be receiving a real paycheck next month! Kind of crazy. We're excited for this next phase of life, realizing that it's going to be super hard but a wonderful growing experience. We're especially grateful to all of the wonderful people we've met during medical school. Definitely the "cream of the crop" as my mom would say. We've made some great friends and made some wonderful memories. Here's to the next phase!! Thank you to everyone who has made this possible...that's all of you. :)

This is what the whole day felt like...a blur.

Danny's name on the program.

Danny speaking. If you look closely, you'll see his hair sticking up from his hat. :)

Danny and his proud parents.

Danny and my family.

Our little family.

Danny and JJ. We missed a picture with Wayne and Taryn.

The Brimhall's

The Zaugg's

After graduation and our nephew's baptism, we raced down to Provo for Jake and Jess's wedding dinner and reception. Jake is one of Danny's high-school buddies. Their reception was awesome. They had little firepits where you could roast mallows and make smores. Charlie, of course, ran into the river and covered himself in soot. If you look closely at this picture, you will see the soot marks that cover his whole front. He's a little hoodlum! But look at that face...he's so stinkn' cute.

8:50 PM

Mina Inouye Bennett

Our little girl was born on Mother's Day. Yes, definitely the BEST Mother's Day present anyone could ask for. She was 2 1/2 weeks early, which is kind of perfect in my book. She was 6 lbs. 2 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. Everything went really well other than the fact that we missed a whole ton of delicious food from all the parties we missed that day. I guess the only sad thing is that I had to eat hospital food on Mother's Day. Oh well. She's beautiful and we couldn't be happier. We just can't get over the fact that we are now a family of four and that we have "kids." Crazy. Wish us luck!