7:15 PM

October 2009

The Chinese Boy Hiro and His Pet Panda Charlie

Which one is Charlie???

Charlie and Bok Bok at Chuck-A-Rama

Eric Pratt, Danny, Matti, and Cam

Pratt was Danny's mission comp and Matti was someone they baptized. Matti and his family came down to visit from British Columbia so we went and met him in Salina (where Pratt and his family live).

The Pratt Family and Matti's Family
Eric Pratt married my friend Jessica Despain from Gunnison. What are the odds that two mission companions would marry two girls from the same small town! Crazy.

Sakura(Japanese Cherry Blossoms)-made by Danny

Panda and Bamboo(in honor of our Halloween theme)-made by Seidi

Carving Pumpkins with the Brimhall's

Hikes up Millcreek Canyon

Charlie's starting to eat real food. He likes to suck on apples. :)

Gardner Village with Charlie's little friend Ben.
They were fascinated with the straw and ignored me and Sarah(Ben's mom) the whole time.

Charlie sitting on his cousin Lilu and being held by his Auntie Tracy. Tracy had Lilu just a few days ago. She was the funniest looking pregnant person cause she is so TINY!

Charlie sportin' his festive shirt. Don't you think the face he's pulling looks like the skulls on his shirt?

Charlie with his Auntie Aimee.
Charlie loves his Auntie Aimee cause she comes to play with him all the time. She bought his this cute little pumpkin outfit complete with little booties and a pumpkin hat. So cute! We're super sad though cause Aimee just tore her Achilles Tendon and can't visit us as much as we would like now. We love her!!