9:47 AM

Charlie's 1st Birthday

Charlie turned one on April 4. We were in Gunnison for conference and Easter so it definitely brought back a lot of memories of just a year ago when I had him. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. I love my little man so much. He has brought so much joy into mine and Danny's life. We couldn't imagine our life without him.

For his birthday, we had an ice-cream party after conference with my side of the family. Charlie had a major freak out session when Jared(my oldest brother) had the great idea of taking it away from him. I've never heard my little guy scream or throw a fit like that. It unleashed the inner angry child in him.

We waited to have his "official" 1st birthday party till the next weekend, April 10. This made it so Danny's parents and Danny's brother Wayne and his family could come. Mei happened to be in town for a friend's wedding so all of my siblings were there except for Mika and Jordan. Six out of eight, I'll take it! Poh Poh, Aimee and Davey, and Ziggy were others from my family. We also had to invite Charlie's best friend, Ben Sorensen, and his mom and dad, Sarah and Tyler. They are such funny little boys together.

So, for the party I decided to go with a "Little Man" theme. Everybody calls Charlie "little man" because he looks and acts like one. Everything was "little." I made "little" invitations in "little" envelopes, "little" rolls with pulled pork, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, edamame, "little" ham cups with "little" rice balls, "little" cupcakes, "little" sugar cookie lollies, and "little" lemon pies. Can you tell everything was "little." :) Now that word doesn't look right. Anyway, I think everything turned out great and very delicious. It was super fun to put together and I think Charlie enjoyed it. He got to try almost everything and he got his own "little" birthday cake. It was healthy too (no oil, a "little" sugar, applesauce, apples, molasses, whole wheat). :) Danny thinks I'm crazy.

Anyway, it was super fun and I'm glad I did it. I think everybody had a good time eating all of the "little" foods and they really enjoyed being there for Charlie. We are so grateful for such a supportive family. We love you all!