10:34 AM


We're here in Ann Arbor with internet, finally. I'm too overwhelmed by the thought of blogging all that has gone on in the past couple months but I'll give you this... We're together as a family in a great place that we already have come to love. Charlie is just happy to see his dad again instead of over skype. We definitely miss Utah but are so glad we made the jump to move to a new place. Here are a few pics.

Danny and Charlie playing at Independence Lake.

Danny enjoying Mina while she's awake. That doesn't happen very often.

Before Charlie's Haircut

After...and after playing in an awesome rainstorm. I miss his hair so much but it was almost child abuse to keep it long. He was a sweaty mess after five minutes of being outside.

Danny mowing his lawn. Definitely one of he and Charlie's fav things to do around here.

Charlie with his new friend Spencer who lives just three houses away.

My little Mina with her cute smile.

And this one's for my mom...Jello Beans!!!! Thanks, Mom. Charlie loves them.