8:00 PM

Charlie's Baby Blessing 06.07.09


We finally blessed Charlie last Sunday, June 7th, in our ward here in Salt Lake. We are officially bad parents because we didn't take ONE picture the entire day! We blessed him in our ward and then went up to Danny's parents house for an amazing lunch made up of all of our favorite foods from both sides of the family. Yum, yum!!! Charlie was surrounded and blessed by Danny, both grandpas, and seven of his uncles (Jared, Lambert, Sam, Aaron, Trent, Wayne, and JJ). We are so grateful for our families and the support that they give. Because we didn't take any pictures last week, we re-enacted it today. Here are our "fake" blessing pictures.

Charlie-10 weeks old

My two boys.

Me and my little man.

Our Family

Doesn't he have the cutest little smile!

Our Family again.

Thanks JJ for letting us use your camera!!