9:47 AM

A Tribute To Our Dear Friend John Jones

John Jones was one of Danny's best friends from St. George. Danny roomed with John at BYU for about 3 years. He is honestly one of the best people we have ever known and we will miss him dearly. John and Emily have become some of our closest friends as couples. They are some of the greatest examples of those who are truly trying to live the gospel every day. In a way, John was too good for this world. He truly believed in the gospel and truly believed in his Savior. And because of his belief, he lived that way. We will be eternally grateful for the influence John has and will continue to be in our lives. We love him. Our hearts and prayers go out to Emily, Lizzy, and the little one.

We are so grateful that we were able to see John and Emily just 3 days before the caving accident. They called us on Sunday and we were able to visit with them for only a few hours. It was so short, yet those few hours are so precious to us. These pictures are the from that visit.

Charlie with his Uncle John and Auntie Emily. This was his first time meeting them.

John with little Lizzy

Lizzy and Charlie. She's definitely tall for her age and Charlie is a little shrimpie. They are just 5 months apart.

Lizzy and Charlie bonding...eating cheerios together.

We love you John!!!