6:58 AM

Bedding Fiasco!

So I am not the best decorator. Actually, I am just a bad decorator. I don't really know how to coordinate things plus I am not very patient and buy things on impulse. Well, I bought this bedding from pottery barn for our little boy and I can't return it. It's super cute but I made the mistake of buying it before we bought our dresser. Now I really don't think it looks very good together. So.....anyone interested???? Danny says I can't get new bedding unless I can sell the original one first. Blah!!! If you know of anyone looking for baby bedding, send them my way. I'll post some pictures of the bedding in a little bit. Thanks!

7:01 AM

Valentines Day 2.14.08

I love Valentines Day!!! I've loved it even when I was a little girl with no boyfriend or anything like that. I loved making my valentine shoe-box decorated with paper and glitter. So fun. I loved getting valentines for my classes and of course, receiving them back. I love having a day to tell people how much I love them for being part of my life. I especially love my family and I love my Danny.

Valentine's Day is a special day for Danny and I because it kind of was our first date back in college. It's not our "official" first date because he wasn't allowed to ask me out at that point, but we did go to a BYU basketball game that night just the two of us. Of course, we were met up by friends afterwards. But, it was that night that we both knew that we both were interested in each other. I actually had made little Valentine note cards for most of my friends that day and gave them two little dove chocolate hearts with the cards. I was about to give Danny and Brock theirs when I spilled my drink all over them. Sadly, but true, Danny's was the only one that was ruined. He says he was very disappointed, but even more so when I made him another and didn't confess my love to him. :) Yeah right! Anyway, that was 4 years ago. Crazy! Who would have thought that I would marry him and be pregnant with his kid!!!

Well, for Valentine's Day, Danny made me sweet rolls for breakfast and got me this really cool flower tree. We don't know what kind it is but it's really cool. Last year, Danny got me an orchid for Valentine's Day and after that, we are totally sold on potted plants. They last so much longer! My orchid bloomed for at least 6 months after he bought it for me. Anyway, I love this little tree he got me. It's so cute! I told Danny that I would be in charge this year of Valentine's Day. I feel bad that the boy always has to make the plans. So I just made him dinner at home and then we went to the temple afterwards. It was a fun night and a great day that we got to spend together. I love my husby!

10:19 AM

Mckell's Home!!!

So, it's been a long time since I've blogged. It's been quite busy around here but I guess that's normal. Danny's busy studying for school and trying to prepare for the boards. Blah! I'm practicing as much as I can so Sarah and I can get our recital done as soon as the baby comes and before something else happens that I can't say. We're crazy! Oh well. Anyway, about blogging, I didn't want to post anything of non-importance especially because it's been so long. So I waited and look what happened...one of my best friends got home from her mission last week!!! Oh happy day. Her name is McKell Ashton and is hands down, one of the most amazing people I know. I love her to death and am so happy she's home. This is a picture of us at the airport. She wasn't supposed to know that I was pregnant and it was supposed to be a surprise, but of course, she already knew. Bummer.

For those of you waiting to see a pregnant picture, there you go. I'm 29 weeks and counting. It's not a very good one though. I'll have to post a different one. Anyone know how to get pictures off of your phone onto your computer without having to connect to the internet??