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The past few months have been busy with Danny finishing his 3rd year of medical school (wahoo!!!), visiting some great friends who live far away, my sister Mei Li getting married, the annual Creative Arts Camp in Gunnison, and the 4th of July.

Danny is now officially a 4th year medical student. We have one more year here at the University of Utah and then we’ll be off to residency who knows where. Danny is pretty much decided on Internal Medicine. I can’t say I’m 100% happy about this decision just because of the fact that we now are not any closer to moving back to Gunnison with this field choice. Even if we don’t move back, I know I’m a true Gunnisonian at heart.

During the month of June, we were able to go down to St. George for a weekend and see our dear friends, the Bleazard’s. Danny and Brock are two peas in a pod and until they got married, were literally inseparable. They took all the same classes in high-school and college, played doubles together in tennis, and now are both in medical school. We had tons of fun just hanging out together. We are so sad we don’t get to see them more often. Mady, Brock and Megan’s little girl, and Charlie are just 1 day apart. I promise, we did not plan that!!! I think it’s so fun for Danny and Brock to see they’re kids together. Mady’s such a little talker and is so darling! We love both her and Krew so much!!! Later in the week, Brock and Megan drove up with their family and we went to the SL Children’s Museum at Gateway and then had dinner with our other great friends, Morgan and Alli. We had so much fun all together!!

The boys, together at last.

Charlie and Mady

Charlie, Mady, and Krew. It's very difficult to get a picture of all three sitting still.

The whole bunch.

On June 26th, my sister Mei Mei got married to a boy named Dave Adams. It was a very festive occasion filled with family, food, lot’s of sun, and pinwheels. ☺ Because it’s been a little while since my own wedding, and the fact that Mei lives in DC, I got a little over involved planning the wedding. Not to gloat on my obsessive personality, I will just say, I made over 400 pinwheels for the occasion. Kind of stupid. My biggest accomplishment of the wedding though, was making my first wedding cake. It was so much fun! I made a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, swiss-meringue buttercream, and wrapped the entire cake in white chocolate. It probably was a little intense for a first-timer, but through a lot of research and planning, I think it turned out okay. I really do enjoy doing these things. ☺

My cake.

Mei and Dave cutting the cake. Yes, Dave has dred-locks (is that how you even spell that?).

Our little fam in the frame that Danny made for our photo booth at the weddin'. The weathered wood was hand pried off an old shack on my grandpa's farm in Gunnison.

We had our 4th annual Creative Arts Camp this year in Gunnison the week after Mei’s wedding. It was fun being in a house filled with over 50 cousins and working with them throughout the week. The camp was a success and everybody came away from it happy…I think.

The 4th of July is definitely one of my favorite holidays in Gunnison. The whole community gathers together for dinner at the park, an auction, fireworks, the flag raising ceremony, breakfast by the Lions Club, the Gunnison parade down Main Street, and the carnival in the park. Every year, because we have so many cousins, we usually head back to our house after the carnival and have our own volleyball tournament. This year though, we gathered up the older cousins and played in the Gunnison tournament. It was super fun even if we didn’t win. Charlie had a ton of fun eating snow cones and popcorn and sliding down the inflatable slide. Later that evening, we had “World Cup Soccer!!” Now that was an intense game. There is nothing like the Gunnison 4th of July. I haven’t been for 3 years! So sad. Best of all, it was fun to see old friends that I went to school with. Nothing takes the place of those people and they will always be so special to me.

Charlie loves his cousin "Buster"

Charlie is now 15 months old. He still only has 5 teeth and I won’t even mention how tall he is and how much he weighs. I’ll just say that Danny is kind of concerned. He’s still the cutest little guy EVER!! He runs everywhere and likes to crawl in small spaces like behind the couch, in between chairs, and anything else that is narrow. He kind of says a few words like, “up, hot, da-da, and fish,” but he refuses to say mama now. I don’t know when the last time was that he said it. Oh well. I’m still his favorite person. ☺ That’s just a glimpse of our summer. Hope all is well!

Charlie has just recently been introduced to the world of PBJ's. He loves them!

He also has discovered is new favorite food, EVER...popcorn. He can't get enough of it.