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Belly Up

Our fish went belly up last night. Charlie still does not know. He is going to freak out once he realizes the "ish, ish, ish" is gone. Danny has now nicknamed me, "The Fish Killer." Mean, huh? I will take the responsibility of his death, though. I was really bad at remembering to feed him.

It happened like this...last night, Danny and I were about to go to bed when Danny looks over at the fish and says, "Seidi, the fish is dead!" I ran over only to find the fish kind of on its side but still moving.

"No he's not! He's still moving," I say.

"When was the last time you fed him?" questions Danny.

Very innocently, I answer, "I don't know."

"Well hurry and feed him. See if he'll eat." So I hurriedly poured some of his food in. The poor fish tried to swim toward it and happened to get a little bite of something. I continued to tap on his tank trying to encourage him up to his food. But, he couldn't make it. We took his tank to the bathroom and scooped him out to clean his water. Danny turned on the water and let it pour onto the fish. I think that's what really made him keel over because shortly thereafter, Danny noticed he was bleeding at the gills. Traumatizing. So sad. I almost started crying. "It's too late, Seids. He's a goner." He was going to make me do the dreaded flushing, but I couldn't. Thankfully, he took the container and poured it into the toilet.

As the fish was swirling down, I quietly said, "Goodbye, fish. Sorry I killed you." And just like that, he was gone.

Danny turns to me and says, "Fish killer. You better buy Charlie a new fish tomorrow before he notices he's gone. Fish killer." Then he starts laughing uncontrollably. Mean boy.

Seriously, I've never seen such a resilient fish. He was given to Charlie by his best friend, Benjamin Sorenson, when he moved to Tuscon. The fish was given to Ben for his 1st birthday in March. What 25 cent goldfish lives for 8 months????? So ridiculous. With that said, I am so sad that I killed the fish. Honestly, he was was not a hard pet to keep and I still managed to kill him off. So sad. Sarah and Ben, so sorry!! You should have taken him with you to Tuscon.

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Summer 2010

Where to even begin? Sometimes I just think I should quit this whole blogging business because I am SO bad at keeping it updated. And then when I want to update it, it takes me SO LONG because I have a bajillion pictures I end up loading. So dumb. Anyway, for those of you who want to see what we've been doing all summer, here's a synopsis with a ton of pictures of Charlie. :)

July-August 2010

First time playing at Liberty Park in the water fountains with Bennett cousins. Kind of sketchy. Super fun.

Charlie and Will. Will's only 4 months older than Charlie, but there is obviously a BIG difference between the two.

Charlie and cousin Jaden. Jaden is so sweet to my little guy so it's so fun to watch them play. Thanks for being such a great cousin, Jaden!!

Charlie and Will "playing."

Danny's adopted sister from Spain came to visit this summer with her family. Since Espana had just won the World Cup, she brought soccer uniforms for the boys. I think it was just about the cutest outfit, EVER!

We spent a bunch of time at our pool with Karen(my sis-in-law) and her kids. Buster and Charlie like to swim but they mostly like our pool days so they can eat snacks.

This picture was taken in June right before our dear friends, the Sorensen's, left for Tuscon. It was our last condo/young couple get together before they left. We miss you guys!!!

Sarah has been my go-to girl for the past 3 years and I am DYING now that she is gone. Charlie and Ben are only 3 weeks apart and had spent almost every day of their life together before they moved away. Needless to say, it was so sad to say goodbye to our dear friends.

Here's a picture of Charlie and Ben during a quick visit while Sarah and Ben were back in Utah. We hope we'll always be able to see them even if it's only for a few minutes! You guys are welcome ANYTIME! Love you!!!

So, one of our biggest adventures of the summer was our Bennett Family Reunion in Glacier, Montana. What a gorgeous place! It was a long drive to get there, but it was a great trip. We hiked a bunch, saw some neat wildlife, and viewed some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen.

Here is our little family on one of our first hikes. Charlie really likes his backpack. :)

At the top of this hike was a freezing lake with four beautiful waterfalls flowing into it. Do you see them?

Even though the water was freezing, Charlie still insisted on playing in it. And by playing, of course he fell in. He didn't mind.

Our next big hike. This hike ended up being about 12 miles. Almost halfway through it, Charlie was getting cold and kind of sad. Danny, being the good dad that he is, decided to turn back and bring up the cars for us at the end. It was a good decision that I have to admit, I wasn't apart of. I'm so obsessive that I can't start a hike and not finish it! It was totally selfish and I'm so grateful Danny is so not like me in some ways. It may have been a good thing I didn't go back with Danny cause I ended up carrying Gonzalo (a little Spanish brother who was 5 years old) pretty much the rest of the way. But that's really my way of justifying that I kept on going when my little boy was not having fun. Well, we all made it in the end, right? Maybe I've learned a lesson. Maybe.

Charlie's first big owie on his head. He was running around in a parking lot up in Glacier, and fell. He had a big rock stuck in his head. So sad. His perfect little face. I almost cried.

The entire family was able to go white-water rafting except those with little kids. That included me. Sad. But that's okay, cause with the company of Kate and Monica, we enjoyed the scenic boat ride down the river. Charlie did not like the life-jacket. Here's us after the fun.

On our way back from Glacier, we went through Yellowstone. We spent the night right outside of Yellowstone in these great little cabins right on the banks of some of the best fishing in all of Wyoming. What the river's name is, I can't remember right now. Sad. Here's us on the banks.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Charlie of all time. He found this stick that was his perfect height and carried it around all night. He looks like a little old man!

After Yellowstone, we stopped in Jackson Hole to see my dear friend, Annalece Boothe, in "Annie Get Your Gun." She was so cute! There ended up being about four additional friends that I hadn't seen in years that were in the show. So it was such a fun surprise! The show was great and Charlie did amazing in it. He literally watched quietly and intensely for the first half. The second half was occupied by treats. He's an amazing little kid.

After Jackson, we went straight to Bear Lake where we got this picture of Charlie's funky hair. I never actually style my little guys hair, but when it's coated in sunscreen, how can I resist. He looks like a little Asian punk.

He also likes to eat sand.

Once getting back from Bear Lake, Danny basically had one week to get his stuff together and get to Portland, Oregon. He spent the entire month of August up there doing an away rotation in Internal Medicine. We missed him sooooooooo...much!!! Thank goodness for Skype. While Danny was gone, Charlie and I tried to stay busy. The first weekend that he was gone, we went back up to Bear Lake for Raspberry Days. We went to the parade and got lots of candy, went to the yummy breakfast, scouted out the craft fair, played on the beach, and went to the rodeo in Laketown.

Charlie loves the tractor that pulls the boat out to the beach. Sadly, our boat sunk that weekend. Another story for another time.

Sara, Logan, and Jack were able to come for a quick visit while we were on the beach. Sara's a BFF from Gunnison and I love her and little Jack Jack. Logan and I are just friends. :)

At the rodeo in Laketown. Charlie and his Papa.

The weekend before Danny came home, Charlie and I headed down to Lake Meade with my family. We had so much fun! We spent an entire day on the Lake and Charlie did great. The water was so nice and warm and Charlie loved swimming, even with his life-jacket. Check out the pictures. The life-jacket that he's wearing is the one I wore as a little kid. Seriously. It's old.

This is one of my favorite pictures. My dad and Charlie have a very special bond. Maybe it's because he's the one who literally brought him into this world. I don't know, but I love seeing them have so much fun together. Charlie loves his Gramps!

Another one of my favorite pictures, EVER. Isn't he the cutest? This was his first experience having a sucker. Oh was he in heaven.

After Lake Meade, we stopped and spent a day or so in Gunnison where Charlie was spoiled even more by his Grandparents. Poh Poh (my mom) let him eat all the watermelon he wanted. Trust me, he can eat a lot.

While in Gunnison, Fatty and I decided we wanted to go fishing...for old times sake. We got Dad to get off work early and we headed up the canyon all together. We ended up at Emerald Lake, probably one of our most favorite places on the planet. We fished, caught enough to eat, grilled it along with some Rib-Eye steaks, and ate a most delicious meal. Of course we brought some rice along. :)

Charlie LOVES the four-wheeler. As soon as we get to Gunnison, he goes and finds it, points to it and makes his four-wheeler sound.

Charlie and Gramps fishing. Another favorite.

Charlie and Poh Poh. He loves his Poh Poh. Maybe more than his own Mama sometimes.

Charlie was a little confused when a fish suddenly appeared, but totally fascinated at the same time. He even touched it and would not stop saying "ish. ish. ish." Translation: fish, fish, fish.

Here's Charlie and Uncle Aaron reeling in the first fish.

One of our last excursions before Danny got home, was visiting our Mitarai cousins up at Snowbird. We got to ride the tram up to the top, played in a fun park, and Charlie cut his foot open on a glass that I knocked over and broke. It was a very eventful day. Luckily, kids heal quickly and no stitches were involved. There was lot of blood, a sad boy, and a freaked out mama though. Thank goodness for calm Auntie Hiroko and Uncle Mark.

Here's Charlie and I at the top of the tram with the Salt Lake Valley in the background.

Charlie with cousins Lizzy and Jono.

I was able to fly up to Portland, see the city for a day, and then drive the 12 hours back to Utah with Danny. Danny lived in a co-op filled with 20 other medical students at OHSU. How odd do you find it that he only hung out with Asian's? I guess I must have that affect on him. :) Here were some of his friends that we were able to go out for sushi on Danny's last night there.

Charlie had his first real haircut just a few weeks ago. August 29th to be exact. It was kind of traumatizing for me. I just did not want to let go of my little baby boy. He's not so much a baby anymore. He has been walking for 8 months. Sigh. Plus, who would want someone to cut off that awesome mullet he had going on!? The answer: Danny. So we did and these are the before and after pictures.



Last of all, (I'll be super surprised if any of you are still reading this.) in order to support my husband in his last year of medical school at the University of Utah, we, along with 3 other couples, joined the MUSS (Mighty Utah Student Section). I know...total betrayal. Don't worry though, among the 8 of us, 5 of us are BYU fans and only 3 are true Utah fans. We're just doing it for the experience. :) It's been pretty fun so far, especially because our friend Brynn hooked us up with awesome seats. Thanks, Brynn!!

Even though Danny is a Ute fan and dresses him up like one, doesn't this picture really tell who Charlie supports? That's what I thought.

Have a good night!!!