12:48 PM

Important Issue

Hey friends,

I read this blog post on C. Jane today and it really hit me hard. I just thought I would share it with everyone and anyone. Although I would never diagnose myself as someone who has dealt with a "real" eating disorder, I, too, think about my weight probably way too much and I have had countless numbers of friends who have dealt with serious problems/addictions concerning food. In addition to that, self-confidence is something that EVERYONE deals with. So...read the post. I hope it enlightens you. Love to you all.



Ryan & Amanda said...

Love you Seidi! Thanks for sharing!

Steve and Heather Jaussi said...

Seidi, I miss your face! Thanks for this post. I think it is an issue women should be aware of and take action to help.

Also, I heard you are prego with #2, congrats! I am so happy for you.

Love you,

Kilee said...

Glad you shared this! Janna was actually my counselor back in Provo! I love her and I am so happy to find thoughts from her! Miss you!