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Fall and Toledo Zoo

I love the fall here in Ann Arbor. Colors are beginning to change and it's just gorgeous. We've done our fair share of apple picking (3 times) and bottled an assortment of yummy foods. Definitely one of my new hobbies that I'm becoming a little overly-obsessed with. The kids are growing and Danny continues to work super hard. We try and take advantage of any time that we have with him. One warm Friday, Danny had it off, so we took off to the Toledo Zoo in Ohio. It was only a 45 minute drive and SOOOOO... worth it. Charlie hadn't been to a zoo since we moved here so he was totally excited. Other than the fact that we had to stop and buy Charlie some new shoes (we forgot his at home), it was a perfect trip to the zoo. Great weather, spam musubi's, and lot's of fun animals to see. Charlie was in heaven. He still asks me almost every day if we are going to the zoo.

Best part of picking apples...eating apples to your heart's content.

Check out Charlie's awesome outfit. Summer hat, shorts, with his sweet new shoes.

Spam Musubi's!!! No comments unless you've tried one. They are our favorite on-the-go lunch. Charlie probably ate 4.

Since Danny's never with us, I never get to take pictures with both of my kids. Gotta take advantage. :)

Baby elephant that's a month younger than Mina.

One of three white lions they have at the zoo. Apparently, they were donated by Siegfried and Roy.

Hike on one of the little nature trails.

Pickin' Apples

Charlie loves his daddy!


AlliSMiles said...

Gah! They change so fast! Mina is getting so big. She's totally Asian, but she has a lot of Danny in her, too. Miss you guys!

A Close Family said...

Oh I love seeing your updates and especially pictures! Mina is so dang cute! I think you have 2 of the cutest kids ever...of course you wouldn't disagree :). Miss you!

The Mehr Family said...

You have the most BEAUTIFUL family! So happy for you!

Annalece said...

What beautiful pictures. I want to print out that picture of Charlie eating the apple and frame it on my wall. He is so happy and darling. Love you and miss you.

Chopstick Mano. said...
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Emily said...

I love that Mina-smile!