6:42 PM

I'm 27...NOT

So Danny and I just had this conversation:

S: I can't believe you're 28.
D: I'm not. I'm 27.
S: No, you're 28. I'm sure.
D: No way. What year is it...October of 2011 (pause)...oh my gosh!!!

He blames it on his lack of sleep and the fact that med school has all blurred into a mass of time. We had this discussion because we were trying to figure out when we were going to be really done. He'll probably be 35 and I'll be 32. That's a long time. We shouldn't have figured that out.


sara said...

We have this issue all the time. For some reason I am stuck on being 23. I always thought it was silly how my parents would forget their age. I never thought it would start so soon for me. The worse part is when you do the math of how old our kids will be when we are finally done with school.

McQuiveys said...

haha! love it! BTW, I went to Durango to visit Gini last week and saw your cute mom and dad at church! LOVE your mom, she is so sweet! :)

heather said...

I laughed at this because I can clearly hear your voices in my head going through this conversation. So funny! How is Michigan, and how are YOU Seidi? I hope all is well!

Merry said...

Seidi, I just found your blog again! You have the cutest kids. And congratulations on getting matched in Michigan!